When Is the Best Time to Partner with a LED Strip Lights Manufacturer?

Understanding Market Demand

When to Partner with a LED Strip Lights Manufacturer One of the best times for partnering with an energy-saving lights manufacturer is based in large part on knowing market changes or light demand cycles. Based on sales data from the previous five years, LED strip lights are in highest demand during the months of September to November. The increase corresponds with gearing up for the various holiday seasons, when commercial and residential lighting requirements spike. But not just any old month, sales volume during this time of year is 40% higher than other months for retailers.

Technological Advancements

Also important is the rate of technological advance in LED industry. Usually, manufacturer launch new and improved products annually or early in the 2nd quarter (April). Establishing partnerships during or shortly before this era means that you have access to the newest technologies available and can mean having a strong advantage in your market. This approach ensures that the most recent features of a product, such as improved energy efficiency or more colors to choose from, are made available quickly for all.

Cost Considerations

Besides, the cost is another issue for when to start a partnership. Market changes in raw materials like silicon and copper can lead to variability in material costs for LED components. History has shown the costs of these to reduce in Q1 which could lower production overall. Businesses can get better terms and pricing on partnerships by getting in when costs are low which bolsters profit margins.

Advantages of Strategic Partnership

You can also benefit from the cooperation with a led strip lights manufacturer at industry exhibitions and trade shows. The show - typically hosted in the spring or fall of each year- is a place where businesses can meet with groups of manufacturers all at once, allowing better terms to be set and creating relationships. Furthermore, this is the place where one can get direct knowledge about what all companies are going video and on which modules.

Strategic Timing to Team Up with LED Strip Lights Manufacturer ~ Market Demand, Price Benefits and Technological Differentiator Getting in touch with manufacturing around peak period, during a new technology release or lower component costs can make all the difference to where you company is positioned on the market and how much it makes.

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